ISO Use Cases

Direct Platform Integration

  • Allow merchants to create, edit and customize responses.

  • Add advanced response creation tools directy in your application.

  • Onboard hundreds of MIDs instantly.

  • Full service chargeback SaaS API

Merchant Use Cases

Insant Onboarding

  • Create reason code intelligent responses.

  • Click of a button syncs chargebacks user account.

  • Unique Fraud-Bot prevention tool.

  • Virtual terminal and CRM emulators.

Acquirer Use Cases

Advanced Dispute Resolution

  • Reject more chargebacks and reduce your liablity.

  • Eliminate expired chargebacks fees.

  • Mastercom v2 integrated, be ready for Mastercards Pre-Collaboration.

  • Go paperless, entire dispute cycle created through dynamic urls.

Issuer Use Cases

Merchant Assisted Investigations.

  • Conclude investigations faster and avoid regulation errors.

  • Enhance your consumers digital experience.

  • Create, manage incoming consumer disputes.

  • Gain the confidence using AI assisted Regulation E analyzer.

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