Chargeback Software Managment

Respond to chargebacks with a single click

Eliminate filling out templates and manually creating responses.
Dynamically create custom responses from over 45 types of specific reason code documents in the Evidence Library.

Merchant Chargeback Software

Meet the game-changer in chargeback responses.
Load & respond to chargebacks in 4 steps.

Merchant Software Managment

Load merchants

Upload MID lists using Google, Airtable, CSV or Excel

Chargeback Software

Connect APIs

Quickly connect your gateway and crm API data

fight chargebacks

Get chargebacks

Single click chargeback importing from your payment processor

how to respond to chargebacks

Create and send

Add supporting documents and send for bank review

Chargeback Management Software

Why use us for your chargeback managment?

chargeback automation


One-click chargeback importing

Our industry unique solution pulls in chargebacks from over two-dozen ISOs.

high risk merchant dispute sof


API evidence reason code library

Multiple combinations templates are created from the available data for the evidence. codes.


One-click chargeback response packet

Respond to a single or list of chargebacks for you programmatically

Discover the perfect solution to

master your chargebacks process.

  • Instant onboarding
  • Codeless APIs
  • Chargeback prevention
  • ROI performance

Load merchants immediately

Instantly load a list of merchant accounts. Drag and drop column headers make aligning data simple and easy to use. Use one of the integrated cloud platforms to load your list.

Easy API connection

Choose from a list of payment gateways and CRMs, select the desired endpoints and add the required credentials to quickly connect your data.

Custom unique solutions

Connect Ethoca and Verifi Mass merchant accounts. Use the latest in chargeback prevention technology to prevent an additional 20-35% of chargebacks.

Chargebacks Dashboard

Track and monitor account performances. Quick action notifications keep users updated on pending activiy.

Everything you need to manage chargebacks. In one place.

Payment Gateway
Payment Gateway
Payment Gateway
Payment Gateway
Auto Build Chargeback Responses
Integrates directly into payment processing chargeback platforms. Merchants can create the chargeback response instanly and send for processing.
Instant Merchant Onboarding
Automatically load lists of merchants from using your organizations shared spreadsheet. Drag and drop feature makes data alignment simple.
Auto Sync Chargebacks
Automatically pull chargebacks from payment processors with a single click. Chargeback resoponses are prepared for processing in seconds.

Empower your team with scalable responding.

Bulk Responding

Insert new chargeabacks from your payment processor effortlessly.

Evidence Library

Find and populate the disputed transaction in your payment gateway or CRM.

Chargeback Prevention

Automatically create responses from the Reason Code Library.

API integration

Send as dynamic url, .pdf, .html or QR code directly to your processor.



Create perfect responses.

Fastest chargeback response SaaS in the market.

  • Eliminate filling out templates and manually creating responses.

  • Recover more by sending the correct dispute resonse the first time.

Did you have other questions?

What Payment Processors are integrated?

Tsys, Vantiv, Global are currently integrated. Any ISO using these BINs would be able to connecto to the system. Raw SFTP chargeback data i.e.(TSYSO) files can be submitted for bulk uploading.
Payment gateways, processors/isos with online chargeback access, processors/isos with API access. CRMs with API access. Shipping Services API. Basically, we can connect to any API there is access for. If your API vendor is not listed submit a custom request to determine if the vendor is currently scheduled for development or if you need an immediate integration.
We offer 4 unique Fraud prevention and chargeback prevention products which do not include the Industry Standard Mastercard’s Ethoca or Visa’s CDRN Verifi alerts. GeoVerify, GeoAddress, BrowseProtect, TransProtect. Inquire with Sales to add these to your fraud-protection tools.
The Standard and API license is allowed up to 3 active users. You may register additional users, but only up to 3 may be active on the license. The Enterprise license is custom per organization..

How do I import my merchant portfolio?

GoogleSheets, Airtable, Microsoft Excel, Raw TXT are all acceptable data sources. Easily import a single merchant or hundreds of merchants simultaneously. All that’s required are the credentials from each source.
Upgrading your license will allow access to additional features. Customized licenses are available upon request. Contact Sales and find out what connections would be available to you..
Navigate to the Account Settings page, selct Add Api and choose Cloud Connection. Select Ethoca or Verif from the dropdown and click generate url. A custom url will be generated, submit the new generatd url to Ethoca or Verifi. Complete the Add Api form by adding your Ethoca or Verifi credentials in the form fields. Your alerts will appear in the Alerts Page located in the left hand navigation panel.
There are no additional fees. One single fee all the time, get the piece of mind that during chargeback peak seasons your payments stay consistent allowing you to grow without thinking of the service as cost, but more as a tool.

Welcome to a new era of chargebacks.

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